Looking at media from a feminist point of view.

We explore media, politics, pop culture, entertainment, and the world of outdoor adventure within a feminist frame. The Feminist Frame was created by two St. Louis residents that got tired of hearing each other espouse their feminist theories and strong opinions on various subject matters and suckering their ever patient friends into partaking in these conversations. They eventually decided on channeling their interest, passions, and frustrations into this blog.

Ever eager to hear your comments, questions, and feedback. Feel free to contact the writers of The Feminist Frame at thefeministframe@gmail.com, or find them on Twitter @thefemframe.

Who We Are


Olivia studied English at Saint Louis University and has since been enjoying a reasonable, yet extremely boring career in the financial sector. In her spare time, she reads too many books, entertains the idea of painting while failing to ever complete a piece, and enjoys outdoor adventures like backpacking, rock climbing, and riding bikes when her body isn’t broken.


Aubrey studied many majors at too many universities to count and enjoys a career in marketing. In her spare time she champions increasing visibility for women cycling in all arenas, enjoys dominating in a lively political debate, listens to all the podcasts that have ever been created, and also reads too many books.

Art work by Lisa Cooper (@lisariec)