Talking on Avengers: Endgame

The long anticipated Avengers: Endgame was released in April to record-breaking box office figures. The 22 movie long saga starts to wrap up as we follow our heroes in the fight of their lives– fighting for the fate of the universe. We discuss our reactions, what we loved, and what we hated.

Game of Obsessions: The Last of the Starks

We’re back to talk about the latest episode: The Last of the Starks. Join us as we discuss what happens after Winter has fallen and politics of Westeros is all that is left to threaten the realm. We discuss where the Daenerys’ story line is headed and why folks are not giving the respect that Sansa’s due.

Game of Obsessions: The Long Night

HOLY COW. The episode that rocked the internet. Game of Thrones finally went and did it: Winter is here. It’s dark, it’s tense, it’s quite the ride. Join as we barely contain our excitement while discussing the most recent episode.